Jay Taylor VO


Jay is a voice actor from Southern California with a versatile voice print that can be found in a variety of performances spanning genres and styles. Their welcoming, engaging, and upbeat energy radiates through their work on all kinds of projects.

Outside of voiceover, Jay loves their dogs, friends, musical theatre, and a good TTRPG. When they’re not working, they’re usually sewing cosplays, streaming on Twitch, playing Dungeons & Dragons, watching horror movies, or tending to their Furbies.

CREDITS + Education

Sabine- Citizen Sleeper (Fellow Traveller Games)
Uri- Eidolon (Webtoon Animatics)

Adelaide- Guys and Dolls
Motormouth Maybelle- Hairspray
Simon Zealot + Woman By The Fire- Jesus Christ Superstar
Madame De Le Grande Bouche- Beauty and the Beast
Miss Strict- Zombie Prom
Mama Euralie- Once On This Island

Chino Community Theatre- Improv Classes + Script Interpretation
Susan Ali & Kendra Vuk- Cal Poly Pomona Vocal / Singing Courses
JP Karliak- Queer Vox | Coaching + Animation and Interactive
Sarah Elmaleh- Queer Vox | Coaching + Interactive
Ratana- Career Guidance + Commercial VO Reads
Yvonne Viner– Private Voiceover Coaching